Taking Charge Of Your Accounting Process

what is charge capture

You could easily be forgiven for misinterpreting the question. When you were asked directly what is charge capture under stress or duress, under a lot of pressure or your arm being twisted yet again, you might have thought that the question had something to do with an electrical charge. But no, far from it. In fact, this is a charge sheet that many of you reading this right now deal with almost on a daily basis.

You see now. It was said; almost on a daily basis. Why not instead; on a daily basis. Because that is what is happening. As the pressure mounts with receipts piling up, the business loses its luster. Particularly if it is a small practice, potential patients would feel so much more at ease if they go someplace else rather than having to deal with a nervous wreck. The physical reception can be telling.

Not getting paid on time and falling further and further behind with the bills can have a detrimental effect on the private medical practice. It is always important to create that welcoming environment. It enables patients to start feeling at ease, given what may come for them. The bleak alternative is a definite no-no. it is non-negotiable. And it has always been human nature to back the winners. Of course, the more adventurous amongst society will continue to back the odd horse, you know, the one that always seems to be heading in the opposite direction.

Like going uphill all the time and never seeming to get to the top. And to make matters worse, like dropping your parcels along the way and allowing it to fall all the way down the hill. And having to go and fetch them and start climbing all over again.

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